Mila Kunis Has Nothing But Nice Things To Say About Justin Timberlake's Butt

Mila Kunis Has Nothing Nice Things Say About Justin Timberlakes Butt

Take a look at Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis in the August issue of Elle magazine , and it's pretty obvious why they make such a great on-screen couple in the upcoming ' Friends With Benefits ': even in photos, the chemistry between the two is seriously smokin'. And that's just the beginning! Inside, the actors sat down for an interview where they play off each other like a pair of old pros... or alternately, like people who just spent several months seeing each other in a near-constant state of complete nudity.

But don't get any ideas: both Justin and Mila say that a typical friends-with-benefits relationship tends not to end well—even if it starts off with, y'know, a bang.

'It is such a good idea—until it’s a bad idea,' Justin said.

Mila agreed: 'I concur. Ultimately, it ends when someone wants to go and get serious with somebody. More times than not, a person catches feelings and somebody gets hurt.'

And according to her, feelings are inevitable. She added, '[When] a female orgasms, a hormone gets released. I’ve never met a girl who can have sex without an ounce of feeling.'

Science alert: this is not actually true and the existence of a lady-specific, feelings-making orgasmohormone has long since been disproved... but Mila's so cute and funny that we'll let it slide. Especially since we have more important things to talk about... namely, the nude scenes! Both actors admit to being self-conscious about showing so much skin on-screen, although Mila is quick to reassure Justin about his, er, assets.

' You've got a fine ass,' she told him, whereas for her part, 'I was self-conscious about a lot of things. Show me one girl who isn’t.'

But Justin won't be comforted. 'I’ll be honest and say, like, I’m still trying to get into the editing room and cut down on my ass time,' he said. 'I’m like, 'Oh my God, my mom’s gonna see that!''

Personally, we think that ass time is time well spent—and Mama Timberlake ought to agree. Three cheers for Ass Time!

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