Milo Ventimiglia Is Down To Give The Whispers The Ending It Deserves

Milo Ventimiglia Is Down Give Whispers Ending It Deserves

In summer 2015, sci-fi thriller The Whispers debuted, introducing the world to one of TV's most frightening characters who can't actually be seen. Drill, an imaginary friend, was proven much more sinister when 'he' convinced gullible kids to participate in deadly games resulting in murder.

The series provided plenty of mystery and spooky moments — evil kids are never not freaky — but was sadly canceled after just one season. The finale ended on a major cliffhanger, never to be resolved. That is, until three of the show's stars started toying with the idea to tie up those frustrating loose ends .

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It began when Barry Sloane , whose TV daughter, Minx (Kylie Rogers), was captured by Drill and his alien friends during the finale, tweeted at Netflix that it was their 'move' to reboot the series. This prompted a fan to ask how the show could return with all of the OG cast, since both Sloane and Milo Ventimiglia are currently busy with Six and This Is Us , respectively.

Without missing a beat, Sloane replied , 'We have weekends free, right @MiloVentimiglia .' Ventimiglia later weighed in, admitting he'd be down as well.

Continuing the tit-for-tat, Sloane already had ideas for the reboot. 'Two things are certain, Wes [Sloane] will have a beard and Sean [Ventimiglia] will 100% have a moustache. Me and you and lazer guns?! I'm in bro. Who wouldn't be,' he wrote . This prompted Ventimiglia's TV son, Kyle Breitkopf (Henry), to chime in, poking fun at Ventimiglia's This Is Us 'stache. Naturally, Ventimiglia told Breitkopf he was totally back 'in' as Sean's kid after donning a mustache of his own.

And we're here for it.