Morgan Freeman Lends His Godly Voice To Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’

Morgan Freeman Lends His Godly Voice Justin Bieber S Love Yourself

Morgan Freeman has used his iconic voice to embody God himself, to narrate the plight of penguins, and to get hopped up on helium . And now, the legendary actor has lent his soothing baritone to a dramatic reading of a Justin Bieber song.

While promoting his new film London Has Fallen , Freeman gamely agreed to play along with Vanity Fair ’s bright idea, reciting the first verse and chorus of Bieber’s Love Yourself.

I’m going to do a dramatic reading from a very popular songwriter, Freeman begins, before either rolling his eyes in disbelief or attempting to stifle his tears. The 78-year-old actor adds dramatic gravitas to the 22-year-old singer’s tell-off Purpose single, reminding you that, even though it sounds so sweet when Justin sings it, it’s actually quite the biting ballad. You’ll basically believe Freeman’s breaking up with you for real.

Nailed it, Morg.