Move Over, Taylor Swift — Here's Who's Taking Over The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Move Over Taylor Swift Heres Whos Taking Over Victorias Secret Fashion Show

For the past two years, the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has faithfully delivered two key things: scantily-clad supermodels (duh) and Taylor Swift .

Obviously, Tay’s done the show mad justice — heck, she blends in so seamlessly with the models that she’s practically one of them by this point. And her performances have always been stellar. In fact, her angelic rendition of Style last year went on to inspire the star-studded catwalk that became a staple of her 1989 Tour shows.

But Taylor’s back-to-back reign has now come to a close, paving the way for a trio of drop dead sexy performers to take a stab at heating up the runway.

Victoria’s Secret announced on Tuesday (Oct. 13) that the musical performers who will accompany the VS Angels this year are Rihanna , Selena Gomez and The Weeknd . In other words, this is about to be one hell of a show.

We’re definitely expecting brooding grooviness from The Weeknd and sultry pop from Selena (and probably some lingerie), but the wild card here is Rih Rih. She recently announced her upcoming eighth album , Anti , so hopefully we’ll get to hear a new tune or two.

But besides that, we’re admittedly just as excited to see what she’ll wear. Rihanna previously performed at the VS fashion show in 2012, where she rocked two iconic looks. For 'Phresh Out The Runway,' she wore pale-pink lingerie with a short lace slip and matching pink ankle boots.

And for 'Diamonds,' she stunned in a black satin gown, long lace gloves, a chunky pearl choker and vintage pearl-studded Chanel sunglasses .

Whatever Rih, Sel and Abel have in store this year, it’s bound to be straight fiyah. Let’s just hope no one gets hit by a rogue angel wing this year, right Ariana Grande ?


The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs Tuesday, Dec. 8 on CBS.