Exclusive: Where Is Samantha From '16 & Pregnant' Now?

Mtv Com Exclusive Where Is Samantha From16 Pregnantnow

By Amy Kramer of the 16 & Pregnant ,' we met high school sweethearts Samantha and Eric, who had a baby after sneaking behind their parents' backs to see each other. Three years later, they're still together, and in this follow-up special , Samantha reveals that despite their strong relationship and steady jobs, she and Eric still struggle as young parents and have many regrets.

Samantha hasn't returned to school since giving birth, and it makes her jealous to see Eric go part-time. She knew it would be hard to get any studying done while also taking care of a child, but she didn't think it would be more than three years before she returned to classes. She also wishes she could be selfish and spend time doing things for herself, but she knows that being a parent means putting your child first.

Samantha's mom never talked to her about birth control, even though she knew Samantha and Eric were having sex. In order for her daughter, Jordynn, to avoid ending up in the same situation, Samantha says she's going to put her on birth control as soon as she's old enough. To keep herself from getting pregnant again, Samantha has been using the implant , a small rod about the size of a matchstick that gets inserted into your arm and keeps you safe from pregnancy for three years. Now that the three years are up, she's looking to get another one, or maybe a long-acting reversible method like the IUD . What she wants more than anything, though, is a second chance at being a teenager, which is impossible. 'I have to be a mother now,' she says.

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Check out the video below to catch up with Samantha, plus watch more ' 16 & Pregnant: Where Are They Now? ' exclusives to find out how some of the other young moms are faring.

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