Oh-My-Anawanna! The 'Salute Your Shorts' Cast Reunited

My Anawanna Thesalute Your Shortscast Reunited

If you're a '90s kid, then chances are Camp Anawanna was your dream summer camp. It was all the fun of camp -- the friendships, crazy pranks, horror stories, silly antics, Donkeylips, etc. -- without any of the actual work... and bugs (gross). Since we still hold Anawanna in our hearts after all these years, is there a chance we'll be going back to camp anytime soon?

The summer-loving cast of ' Salute Your Shorts ' reunited last week at Portland's Everything Is Festival to celebrate their 25th anniversary, and they're not ruling out any onscreen reunions a la 'Fuller House.'

Series creator Steve Slavkin, who also played Dr. Kahn, was joined by Kirk Baily (Ug Lee), Megan Berwick (Z.Z. Ziff), Michael Bower (Donkeylips), Venus DeMilo (Telly), Trevor Eyster (Sponge), Heidi Lucas (Dina) and Erik MacArthur (Michael) to talk about the beloved series and its legacy with KGW News. Of course, they also sang the memorable theme song because if you have Donkeylips there, in the flesh, that HAS to happen.

We're totally down for a 'Salute Your Shorts' reunion, but we do have one special request: leave Zeke the Plumber out of it. We're still psychologically damaged from that episode.

Still, it's pretty cool to see the old squad back together -- even you, evil plumber guy. And yes, the theme song still brings a tear to our eyes even after 25 years. Oh my god, we are so old.