NBA Finals Be Damned—Beyonce Is Still Wearing Derrick Rose Jerseys

Nba Finals Be Damned Beyonce Is Still Wearing Derrick Rose Jerseys

For those of you who aren't counting down the minutes until Game 1, the 2015 NBA Finals officially kick off tonight. Oakland's Oracle Arena—one of the most notoriously loud venues in the NBA—is about to POP OFF as the Golden State Warriors head into the Finals for the first time in 40 years, facing off against the rebuilt Cleveland Cavaliers. It's poised to be an exciting match-up, to say the least, and yet, on the eve of series, who is storied NBA fan Beyonce Knowles throwing her support behind? Derrick Rose.

The above photo of Beyonce wearing a sequined Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose jersey appeared on her website/Tumblr Wednesday night (June 3), even though—sorry to open up old wounds—the team was eliminated after the second round of the Playoffs.

quando o estranho volta

'So what?' you might say, and to that, I say, OK, valid. BUT I'm a conspiracy theorist, so consider this: Bey actually wore this and took this picture, like, two weeks ago, so the timing of this Tumblr upload seems pretty conspicuous to me.

Couple that with THIS:

That Bulls bodysuit Beyonce wore in the 'Feeling Myself' video was also Derrick Rose's jersey.

Parkwood Entertainment / Columbia Records

I thought, being from Houston and all, Beyonce was a Rockets fan. But where was this James Harden love when her home team was battling the Warriors last round? Did the Lil B curse get to her or something?

But sure. I get it. D.Rose is an impressive player, and the Bulls have been waiting for a healthy season out of him for a few years now. But seemingly without any regional ties, this type of player devotion is sorta unprecedented for Bey, no?

That is...unless it's all just a cover up for where her true loyalties lie this Finals season. *WINK*