Neil Patrick Harris On His 'Glee' Love Scene With Jane Lynch: 'That Was Exhausting'

Neil Patrick Harris Hisgleelove Scene With Jane Lynch

Tonight's all-new episode of ' Glee ' features guest star Neil Patrick Harris and according to him, there's three things you need to know about his time on the show: 'I'm on it, I sing a bit and I'm a jackass.' Neil stopped to chat with MTV News on the red carpet of Time 's Most Influential People event about his stint as Bryan Ryan, a former glee club member and high school nemesis to one Will Schuester ( Matthew Morrison ), who is hell bent on making sure no one else succeeds (hence, the 'jackass')

Just what will NPH be belting out in the episode? None other than Aerosmith 's epic rock anthem 'Dream On'! 'That's me hittin' the high note at the end,' he confirmed. But, Neil won't just be singing in the ep, he'll be starting some trouble, including a little romance with Sue Sylvester ( Jane Lynch )! 'I certainly had a love scene off-screen with Sue Sylvester,' Neil informed us, adding with a smile, 'And that was exhausting!'

So, is there a bit of an NPH/Jane Lynch romance going on?! A tight-lipped Matthew Morrison said, 'I cannot confirm or deny that. But Jane Lynch is known to do that. I might have done that as well.' Oh Jane, you saucy minx, that makes us love you even more!

How excited are you to see see NPH on 'Glee' tonight? Do you think him and Jane could make a cute couple? What do you think of Aerosmith inspiring 'Glee'?