Nev Schulman Is Selling His 'Glorious Chest Hair' For $20,000

Nev Schulman Is Selling Hisglorious Chest Hairfor 20

Nev Schulman has gained fame on MTV's ' Catfish ,' but the online-dating sleuth is well-known for something else: his chest hair. Seriously, there's even a Twitter account ( @NevChestHairs ) AND Facebook page dedicated in its honor.

Now, in the name of charity, Nev is shaving off a patch of his famous fuzz and teaming up with GoRaff . Together, they'll raise money for Leave Out Violence (LOVE ), a nonprofit organization committed to teaching young people about the messages of non-violence.

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So if you've ever wondered what Nev's 'Hairy Treasure Chest' looks like up close and personal, today's your lucky day. But it comes with a hefty price tag -- ,000, to be exact . Says GoRaff:

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It doesn’t get any better than this, the ultimate Nev souvenir: his glorious chest hair! It's what makes you call him Daddy, squeal when you see him shirtless, and what inspired @Nevschesthairs and the fan page Nev Schulman’s Chest Hair.

If you don't have ,000 to spare, there are plenty of other prizes: autographed posters, personalized video messages, and most importantly, a chance to visit 'Catfish' on the road.

Would you break bank for Nev's chest hair? Tell us in the comments below!