New Teen Wolf Baddie Alert: Why Is Mr. Douglas Stealing Innocent Souls?

New Teen Wolf Baddie Alert

Scratch him off our list of favorite TILFs: By the end of tonight's Teen Wolf , Beacon Hills High School's new science teacher had morphed from a dreamy hunk:

Into a blood-thirsty monster:

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So what accounted for Mr. Douglas' sudden change? Judging from his creepy flashbacks and coughing fits during class, he is indeed the tank guy who escaped from the Dread Doctors' lair at the end of Season 5.

Here's a bit of a refresher, because Teen Wolf can confuse the hell out of us on occasion: Last season, crazypants Theo explained to Scott and Liam that the creature in the bubbling green tube was called 'Der Soldat' — aka German for 'The Soldier.' He was reportedly a Nazi Alpha Werewolf from World War II that the Dreads were using to prolong their own lives. This was the same tube Mason was hooked up to during the final stage of his Beast transformation.

And now this so-called Nazi Werewolf is on the loose in the form of Mr. Douglas, teaching the impressionable minds (and smitten ladies) of Beacon Hills High School. Luckily, some students are on to his complete and utter weirdness -- namely Liam, Hayden and Mason. From the teacher's unexplainable busted compass to his affinity for helium, it's only a matter of time before the teacher is caught -- Jennifer 'The Darach' Blake-style .

Meanwhile, the stolen helium that Mr. Douglas was inhaling like a giant bag of Skittles does serve a purpose. We learned during last week's episode that it is often used in heliox therapy, a treatment for respiratory injuries caused by fires or explosions. Explosions from World War II, perhaps? (Oh, and thanks for that tidbit, Parrish!)

But why is this evil 1940s Alpha reincarnate sucking down innocent souls? And what does this have to do with the Ghost Riders? Surely, the two are related because this is Teen Wolf . Give us your best theories, then catch us here later this week as we further break down the masked riders of the night. And tune in for an all-new Teen Wolf episode Tuesday at 9/8c!

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