New Video: The White Tie Affair, 'Candle (Sick and Tired),'

New Video White Tie Affair

Remember that one episode of The Hills where everyone met up a swish hotel bar and did shots? Wait... let me elaborate -- recall, please, The Hills , Season 3, Episode 6 (air date 9/15/2008, for those of you keeping track), when Audrina organized a super-massive party featuring a performance by The White Tie Affair . (And Justin Bobby NEVER SHOWED, natch.) Nowww it's all coming back, right?

Anyway, The White Tie Affair falls under the tutelage of Audrina at Epic Records, and Audrina herself was on hand on the tres L.A. set of their new-new video, 'Candle (Sick and Tired).' Also there: superfan Stephanie Pratt, and Good Charlotte 's Joel and Benji Madden, who make quick cameos in the new video. Watch it below, and check out an old-school Buzzworthy interview with The White Tie Affair.