New 'Flash' Star Peyton List Helps Bring On The Bad Guys

Newflashstar Peyton List Helps Bring Bad Guys

When ' The Flash ' returns tonight (March 24) with an all-new episode, 'Rogue Time,' a bananas time travel plot line introduced in last week's episode will come with it... but so will Peyton List ('The Tomorrow People'), to shake things up as the newest member of Flash villains The Rogues, Lisa Snart.

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Snart, as fans of the comics may now, is the younger sister of fan-favorite character Leonard Snart/Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller), who will use her physical charms to manipulate Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell) in order to get what she wants. And according to List herself, her experience playing Snart (who is known as Golden Glider in the comics) was such a blast that she'd be more than willing to return for the upcoming 'Flash'/'Arrow' spin-off .

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'Absolutely, I would totally be open,' List told MTV News over the phone. 'I’ve been having such a ball with the character, and that says a lot... I think it’s wonderful. I’ve been slightly obsessed with Wentworth’s character Captain Cold, so I think it’s super fun that you’re going to get to see more of him, and more story lines centered around him. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.'

Also fun? Beating up on Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), which is something that her character -- who has been described as ' slightly psycho ' -- truly enjoys doing.

'Most of our interactions have been standoffs,' List continued. 'Lisa, since this is her first introduction to The Flash, is still checking out who this guy is and what his powers are. Going up against him -- is it a fight not worth picking, or is it actually quite fun, fighting him? She finds it fun, especially since her brother seems to enjoy it. She’s always trying to prove herself to her brother, and if this is something her brother likes to do, she’s jumping in with both feet.'

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One thing List won't be jumping into with both feet, however, is the time travel plot line -- even though 'Out of Time' ended with Barry running back to right before Cisco's (Carlos Valdes) murder, the action with the Snarts will not involve jumping back, forward, or sideways through time.

'Barry is dealing with the time travel throughout that arc of episodes, but for some reason, my character is not totally affected by it,' List explained. 'Of course, her actions are dictated by time being different, but she doesn’t know that. And if she doesn’t know that, I’m not worrying about it.'

Instead, List says she focused on having her own 'specialized, personalized gun' and nailing her character's need to prove herself to her brother... and of course, fielding all of those texts from her former 'Tomorrow People' co-star (and current 'Flash' actor) Robbie Amell.

'He’s just ahead of everyone and everything at all times; that’s his superhuman power,' List said with a laugh. 'I took a breath on saying, ‘Yes, I want to do 'The Flash,’' and he’s already texting me that day, saying ‘Hey, I hear you’re coming to ‘The Flash!’’ Like, he’s psychic... And he just said, ‘You’re going to have the time of your life.' He says that about everything, but he wasn’t lying. It was so easy and everyone was so welcoming. It was a good feeling kind of set.'

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