Nick Jonas Says That Painful Guitar Solo At The ACM Awards Was A 'Brain Fart'

Nick Jonas Says That Painful Guitar Solo Acm Awards Was Abrain Fart

One of the most hotly anticipated performances at Sunday night’s Academy of Country Music Awards was rising star Kelsea Ballerini ’s duet with Nick Jonas . What began as an intriguing country-pop twist of her new single Peter Pan, though, quickly descended into chaos once Nick attempted a guitar solo that can only be described as a flamin’ hot mess.

Onstage, Nick looked every bit the convincing rockstar, outfitted in a black leather jacket, with a cobalt blue ax slung around his shoulders. But when he embarked on that fateful 17-second solo, he quickly lost key, messed up the chords, grimaced in confusion (either that, or that’s just his intense guitar face), and then just sort of gave up. Ouch.

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It didn’t take long for Nick’s botched solo to be spoofed with a YouTube tutorial, courtesy of California-based guitarist John Huldt.

On Tuesday morning, Nick caught wind of the unflattering discussion about his performance, and chalked it all up to a huge brain fart. He even shared the tabbed-out sheet music to his solo, writing that it was truly genius.

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Yep, even famous people get brain farts sometimes. Stars: They're just like us! And as embarrassing as the whole thing was, at least Nick has a sense of humor about his hilarious mishap.