Nicki Minaj Finally Got Snapchat And Now Fans Won't Leave Her Alone

Nicki Minaj Finally Got Snapchat

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Nicki Minaj is having serious Snapchat struggles. She avoided the app for years, preferring Twitter and Instagram as her public social media. But something changed her mind Sunday (July 23), when she finally jumped on the Snapchat bandwagon. The only problem? She had zero clue how to use it.

'Idk what to do. How do u post stuff? Wtf,' she tweeted , revealing her username (nickiminaj) and celebrity emoji (a unicorn) to 21 million followers. She also asked her 81 million Instagram followers for assistance. Talk about crowdsourcing.

Of course, her fans were more than happy to help. They flooded her social media with Snapchat tips, some more honest than others. One bold fan even tried to fool her into dropping her next album.

'Stop being so damn silly,' Minaj told the trolls. She received so many snaps, her phone blew up and became unusable.

But she eventually figured things out, posting her first snap in history: a video of the ocean with the caption 'First snap who dis?' It looks awfully familiar to something you'd snap from your family vacation. Celebs, they're just like us!

Nicki Minaj/Snapchat