Nicki Minaj Got A Little Tied Up While Taking A Topless Dressing Room Selfie

Nicki Minaj Got Little Tied Up While Taking Topless Dressing Room Selfie

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Nicki Minaj is working on the weekend, and Working It, too: She took a break from her current shoot to share a couple of dressing room selfies, and roped in her followers with a revealing glimpse of her next video look.

No, but seriously. Rope. As in, that's all she's wearing.

Her minimal look was captured pretty clearly in one selfie, but for another vantage point, she took a second for good measure:

No word yet as to what video she's shooting, but she's certainly been busy with collabs that keep on coming this spring: Between Jason Derulo 's Swalla and Major Lazer 's Run Up , she's been spending tons of time in front of the camera in addition to the hours she clocked in at the studio.

Is this for her new track with DNCE ? Is that frilly frock in the background also going to make an appearance? We'll have to wait and see, but in the meantime, no complaints here. We can't wait to see which visual this look ends up in.