Nicki Minaj's Shower Photos Are Equal Parts 'Lookin' Ass' And 'Lookin' YAAAS'

Nicki Minajs Shower Photos Are Equal Partslookinassandlookinyaaas

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See Nicki Minaj Aaaaand, now we know what it would be like to shower with Nicki Minaj. #CrossesOffList

We were already SUPER into Nicki Minaj's new natural look, but the ' Lookin' Ass ' rapper's nude Instagram pics from inside the shower really take it to the next level, huh? Anyone else need a cold shower of their own?!

Maybe Nicki needed to park it near some restorative water after spending so much time on that desert set ? Whatever her reason for showing off her flawless, makeup-free self, these 'Shower Buddy POV' pics are the Skinemax throwback gift that keeps on giving .

See Nicki Minaj Nicki says: Always throw up deuces when exiting your shower.

We're also not sure how the total #smokeshow isn't being extinguished by all that water, but whatever -- that's for the scientific community to figure out.

Meantime, we'll be sitting tight, waiting for the next round of bath-time photos, because they certainly WET our appetite for more pics of Her Royal Minajesty. (Aaaaand, that's it for shower puns... until next time. )

Photo credit: Nicki Minaj's Instagram