Nina Dobrev On Kissing Costars: 'I've Madeout With Almost Every Boy' On 'Vampire Diaries'

Nina Dobrev Kissing Costars

While most ' Vampire Diaries ' fans were spell-bound during the closing moments of Oct. 7's episode thanks to that out-of-nowhere twist-ending (Katherine and Mason! Scandalous!), I was distracted by one nagging thought: Nina Dobrev has madeout with, like, almost every guy on this show! Let's breakdown the stats: Whether as Elena or Katherine, the lucky actress has locked lips with Paul Wesley , Ian Somerhalder and Taylor Kinney . I'm having a hard time recalling whether we've ever seen her suck face with Zach Roerig (flashbacks?), but suffice it to say, that's a pretty decent chunk of the male population in Mystic Falls. And we're not the only ones to have noticed! Nina, herself, pointed out her kiss quotient when we caught up with her this weekend at the 2010 Spike Scream Awards.

'Literally, I've made my rounds,' she said with a smile. 'Between Katherine and Elena, I've madeout with almost every boy on the show. Other than my brother, thankfully.' (Though we bet Steven R. McQueen is no slouch in the smooch department.)

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When asked whether she had more fun as dastardly Katherine rather than straight-laced Elena, Nina said getting to play both parts was her big reward. 'I'm having more fun just because I'm getting to play more characters,' she said.

Though we don't know what Katherine's fate will be, here's to many more saucy kissing scenes. You know you love it!

If you could kiss one 'Vampire Diaries' actor, who would it be?

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