No, Jennifer Lawrence Will Not Take A Picture With You

No Jennifer Lawrence Will Not Take Picture With You

If you're lucky enough to run into Jennifer Lawrence IRL, please don't ask for a photo. Like Justin Bieber before her , the Hunger Games star is done taking photos with fans.

'I have just started becoming really rude and drawn into myself,' she recently told The Daily Telegraph . 'I think that people think that we already are friends because I am famous and they feel like they already know me — but I don't know them.'

To be fair, Lawrence does have a point. While it can be a challenge to maintain your chill around a celebrity — especially someone as awesome as J-Law — famous people are people first and foremost. Photo ops may be an essential part of being a star, but setting boundaries is still important, especially if you want to preserve some semblance of sanity in Hollywood. Snapping a pic of J.Law at a red carpet premiere is one thing, but asking her for a selfie at the local coffee shop? That's a step too far for this Oscar-winning actress.

'I have to protect my bubble, like, 'I have a weird job — don't let this be a reality,'' Lawrence added.

While J.Law has sworn off posing for random selfies for the foreseeable future, that doesn't mean she's done giving back to her fans. Just this month, Lawrence visited Norton Children's Hospital in her native Louisville, Kentucky, to brighten some young patients' holidays.

But really, you shouldn't feel too bad about Lawrence's no-selfie rule; she won't even take one with Chris Pratt .