No Snow? No Problem! These 11 'Game Of Thrones' Players Can Crush The White Walkers

No Snow No Problem These 11game Thronesplayers Can Crush White Walkers


Enough talk about Jon Snow and his resurrection . Let's take the show at face value. Let's talk about a world of ice and fire without the man most fans feel is at the heart of that equation.

It's a reality we might have to deal with: Jon Snow could very well be dead and gone forever. If that's the case, everyone is in for a world of hurt — not just viewers, still reeling from the traumatic final scene of the ' Game of Thrones ' season five finale, but the people in Westeros and the surrounding lands.

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More than any other warm-blooded individual in all of 'Thrones,' Jon Snow was positioned as the hero who could take on the White Walkers. He's one of few people to actually kill one of these mythical ice creatures, shattering one to pieces with one swing of Longclaw during the battle in ' Hardhome .' Now that he's dead, is there anyone who can step up to the plate and challenge the Night's King ?

Thankfully, yes. There are still more than enough players in the mix who could do serious damage to the White Walkers, if needed — and make no mistake, they will be needed.

Here's the roster:

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  1. Whoever Swipes Longclaw

    It sucks to consider, but someone could just yank Jon's Valyrian sword straight out of his office, and use it to smite some White Walkers. I don't like the thought of Alliser Thorne or Olly wielding that thing at all, but if it gets the job done, it gets the job done.

  2. Samwell Tarly

    He's not just on the list because he's the only main character we've witnessed kill a White Walker other than Jon. Sam's moving far away from the Wall right now, yes, but he's moving to Oldtown to become a Maester. Know who lives near Oldtown? Sam's dad, Randyll Tarly. Know who owns a Valyrian sword? Randyll Tarly. It's called Heartsbane, and it's destined to fall into Sam's hands. Sam, swipe that thing, go back to the Wall, and do your duty.

  3. Whoever Has Widow's Wail

    Joffrey Baratheon's Valyrian sword, forged out of the leftovers of Ned Stark's Ice, is currently up for grabs. One imagines it's in the hands of someone else in the Lannister family. Tommen, possibly. Perhaps it could wind up back in Jaime's one good hand. Either way, Joffrey's legacy could actually do some good for the realm. Imagine that.

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  4. Brienne of Tarth

    The other half of Ice is Oathkeeper, a sword created for Jaime Lannister, which he subsequently re-gifted to Brienne. She's one of few people hanging around in the North with a Valyrian weapon at her disposal, so bank on seeing her bring that thing down on some White Walkers before long.

  5. Stannis Baratheon

    There's one reason to believe Stannis might still be alive, and it's his knowledge of dragon glass as a weapon against the White Walkers — and the healthy stash of dragon glass he has holed up in Dragonstone. Assuming Brienne didn't chop Stannis' head right off of his shoulders, and that's a lofty assumption, then he's someone who could prove immensely valuable in the coming winter.

  6. Daenerys Targaryen

    There's not much she can do while she's in Essos, mind you, and certainly not while Drogon refuses to fly. But if she gains Drogon's cooperation and manages to make it to the Wall, one assumes Drogon could obliterate the White Walker army. If dragon glass and steel can do the trick, why not dragon fire?

  7. The Other Dragons HBO

    Viserion, Rhaegal, and any other dragons out there can presumably do the same amount of damage as Drogon. Dragons versus White Walkers, y'all. This is a thing that will happen.

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  8. Bran Stark

    'You will never walk again, but you will fly.' Unless the Three Eyed Raven's final words to Bran in season four are nothing more than metaphor, we can count on seeing Bran's warging skills undergo a major upgrade when next we see him. Nothing says 'major upgrade' more than warging into some dragons.

  9. Littlefinger

    Speaking of Bran, remember that time someone tried to assassinate him in his sleep? That Valyrian dagger belongs to Petyr Baelish, even if Littlefinger denied his role in the assassination plot. We haven't seen the weapon in quite a while, and we don't have reason to feel confident about Littlefinger's combat skills — but he has no problem killing when push comes to shove, literally. If it comes down to it, Littlefinger's Valyrian dagger could come in handy in the war ahead.

  10. The Various Valyrian Swords Scattered Around the World

    There's Harras Harlaw, owner of Nightfall, who we might meet on the Iron Islands next season. There's the legendary knight Arthur Dayne and his family sword Dawn, believed by many fans to hold great importance in the story's future. There are swords forged from Targaryen fire, like Blackfyre and Dark Sister, as well as the legendary Lannister sword Brightroar. All of these weapons could reemerge at some point down the line… then again, maybe not.

  11. No One

    Without Jon Snow, we're screwed. Which is exactly why we'll see Jon again. This is a bleak show, but it can't be THAT bleak… right?