Noah Centineo And Alexis Ren Take Their Steamy Romance To The Grid

Noah Centineo Alexis Ren Take Their Steamy Romance Grid

Welp, it finally happened. After roughly a year together, Noah Centineo and Alexis Ren have made the leap from occasional appearances on each other's Instagram Stories to full-blown cheek-licking photos posted directly on the grid. Now that is progress.

The To All The Boys star posted the flirty selfie to his IG feed yesterday (January 14), and yes, he knows he's making a funny face. 'My dad says I look like I just finished a fight with @thenotoriousmma [Conor McGregor] and lost,' Centineo wrote before gushing over the model. 'I say, at least one of us in this photo is gorgeous ❤️ love you baby.'

But Centineo didn't take their steamy romance to the grid on his own. Ren did it, too. Buried in a carousel of photos from their recent vacation to South Africa, she posted an adorable pic of her leaning on the actor, with the couple appearing happy as ever. Sure, their faces are slightly cut off, but after a year-long drought of photos from the pair, we'll take what we can get.

If Centineo and Ren look in love to you, it's because they are. And they haven't been shy about it, either. At the 2019 Revolve Awards back in November, Ren opened up about the status of their relationship. 'Yeah, I love that man. He's amazing,' the 22-year-old told ET . '... I love that man with all my heart so I feel really grateful to be his partner.'

As if that's not adorable enough, Centineo couldn't help but fawn over his girlfriend at the Charlie 's Angels premiere earlier that month, calling Ren 'the angel in my life.' And now that they've take their relationship to Insta, here's hoping for some more swoon-worthy pics of the pair in the future.