Now There's An Online Proposal Generator To Help You Pop The Question

Now Theres An Online Proposal Generator Help You Pop Question

The holidays are upon us and that means engagement season is around the corner. These days it's not enough to ask someone to marry you -- you have to do it in the perfect way. From very public gestures to private moments, there's a perfect engagement story out there of every couple. The real challenge is finding it.

Fortunately, Vashi Jewelers is now shouldering some of that responsibility with their Proposal Generator . Simply answer four questions about you and your (hopeful) spouse-to-be, and the website determines the right proposal for you.

Vashi Proposal Generator

We tested it out, so if you happen to be a writing wall flower who loves to travel on the cheap, here's your proposal:

Vashi Proposal Generator

This isn't foolproof, but you might not want to start planning the biggest question of your life without answering these four little ones first. So whether you're hoping to be asked, popping the question yourself or just doing a little daydreaming about what your love story will look like one day, take this short quiz. Not only is it fun, it's free...unlike most proposals.