OK Go's 'You're A F--king Nerd And No One Likes You' Is Our New Geeky Anthem

Ok Gos Youre F King Nerd

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If OK Go 's newest song, 'You’re a F--king Nerd And No One Likes You,' seems a little harsh, reflect for a second on the fact that the treadmill-dancing band released their last album, Hungry Ghosts , via DNA. So, uh, the track is kind of tongue-in-cheek -- and therefore nerds are kind of awesome. That's some nerdy logic right there.

OK Go's latest comes courtesy of the soundtrack to 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2,' and features a narrator that Nerdist pretty aptly describes as a 'meatheaded, drug abusing jock' who's all about T&A -- while the 'f--king nerd' that no one likes is more into 'GoT.'

According to this dude, it's also lame to like anime, D&D and to have a fake summer camp girlfriend. The actual coolness of that list is up for debate (except for the last one because that's honestly pretty lame), but it's safe to say that the titular nerd is definitely cooler than the blow and sex-obsessed narrator who brags about raping tigers. What?!

Check out the new good below and rejoice in the fact that you may be a nerd, but at least you're not human garbage: