Olivia Munn Graphically Describes Getting Lubed Down For Her 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Costume

Olivia Munn Graphically Describes Getting Lubed Down

It's no secret that comic book superheroes are 99% of the time drawn a little bit sexier than their real-life, human counterparts could ever hope to be. But as actress Olivia Munn revealed while appearing on 'Conan' at San Diego Comic-Con , there's a little bit of sexiness that goes into getting into her new costume for ' X-Men: Apocalypse .'

'They lube me down,' Munn explained. 'And I step into this latex fitting. They lubricate the costume, and they lubricate me. Two women lube me up...'

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You can probably imagine the reaction from the crowd on that one. Spoiler: they were very polite, and nodded, understanding that the movie costuming process is a profession that is to be respected.

Anyway, Munn continued, describing how excited she was her first day on set.

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'The first day I put the latex suit on,' Munn continued. 'I popped the crotch. The latex just broke.'

Once again, the crowd nodded silently and politely, agreeing that getting a chance to perform with an incredible ensemble like the cast of 'X-Men' is the chance of a lifetime, and they really sympathized with how embarrassing it must have been for Munn to have this happen.

That all said, Munn also apologized to the crowd that she won't look exactly like her comic book counterpart -- which looks like this:


The costume will actually be pretty close... But with one major exception.

'Except for this part,' Munn said, pointing to her chest. 'I come into a deficit with that part. But the costume is exactly like that.'

With the movie a year away, we can expect plenty more news like this from Munn as May 27, 2016 approaches. We're sure you'll all react in a mature and civilized fashion about it, just like that Conan audience.

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