'Once Upon A Time' Rumbelle Shippers Beware -- A New Gaston Is Here

Once Upon Timerumbelle Shippers Beware New Gaston Is Here

When ABC's hit fairytale-inspired drama returns to the small screen in spring, it'll be bringing along yet another well-known and beloved Disney character with it: Gaston -- that overconfident, smarmy dude has wheedled his way into official ' Once Upon a Time ' canon.

Jason Kempin / Getty Images

Actor Wes Brown has been tapped to portray Belle's unwanted suitor in an upcoming episode from the second half of Season 5. According to E! News , the episode featuring Brown's Gaston will carry us on a journey back to Belle's ( Emilie De Ravin ) life before meeting Rumple ( Robert Carlyle ), the problematic love of her life.

If you're thinking to yourself, but haven't we seen Gaston before? You're not wrong. The show has previously given us a glimpse of everyone's favorite arrogant suitor, originally played by Sage Brocklebank . But with this new and probably extended Gaston feature, 'Once' decided to go with a new actor, which isn't the first minor recasting the show has done.

In a previous instance, Robin Hood, The Evil Queen's new beau and a dedicated member of the main 'Once Upon a Time' team, was portrayed by ' Lucifer ' actor Tom Ellis and is now played by Sean Maguire .

Clearly the actor switch-up worked out well, as Robin is now a beloved character in the show's lore. And honestly, we're quite positive that Brown will pull off the role to peak Gaston perfection. When all is said and done, though, knowing the 'Once Upon a Time' writers, the thing that will suffer the most is gonna be our emotions.


Once Upon a Time returns to ABC March 6, 2016.