'Once Upon A Time' Will Take On 'Maleficent' After 'Frozen'

Once Upon Timewill Take Onmaleficentafterfrozen

The highly anticipated Season 4 of 'Once Upon A Time,' featuring characters from 'Frozen' is still weeks away, but we're already moving on to winter -- or away from winter, in this case. Either way, when 'Once' returns for the second half of its fourth season, EW has confirmed that it will focus on the lead from that other big Disney movie from last year: 'Maleficent,' the live action tale led by Angelina Jolie.

Of course it's entirely possible that 'Once' will stick to the 'Sleeping Beauty' angle of Maleficent's story, but we doubt it. First off, because the show's version of Princess Aurora is already married and pregnant at this point, so her unfortunate incident with the big bad witch has already happened. Also, Maleficent (Kristin Bauer van Straten from 'True Blood') has already appeared on the show as well, and her story so far has had much more to do with a mysterious past concerning the Evil Queen, Regina, one that happened long before Aurora ever entered the picture.


This all begs the question -- will 'Once Upon a Time' borrow from the 'Maleficent' movie instead of the classic 'Sleeping Beauty' Disney film? I, for one, hope so.

One of the most interesting (and horrifying) parts of the 'Maleficent' movie involved King Stefan, Aurora's father, who was once the love of Maleficent's life. He tricked her and burned off her wings in a scene that many saw as a metaphor for rape, and this version of the past -- the murky, ambiguous version of the tale that shows another side of the villain's story -- would be much more interesting, and much more up OUAT's alley, than just a classic re-telling of 'Sleeping Beauty.'

Introducing Stefan -- a very Disney-fied, classic-looking hero -- as the true villain of this tale could potentially be a great move for 'Once,' as it would shows the millions upon millions of kids who watch the show that not every bad guy has pointy horns and a staff with a big round ball on the top. And even if they do, sometimes they have a very, very good reason for going bad.

What do you think, 'Once' fans? Should the show take on the Stefan plot from the 'Maleficent' movie?