One Dead Body And A Bloody Brooke: This Episode Of Scream Had The Most Insane Ending EVER

One Dead Body Bloody Brooke

The Jake always did know how to make an entrance.

Brooke's wayward (and dearly departed) boyfriend finally reappeared on tonight's Scream : Just as the Lakewood queen bee was named a finalist in the Lady of the Lake pageant, a banner was unfurled to herald the announcement -- and in it was Jake's blood-soaked body, which fell to the floor as gallons of plasma rained down on Ms. Maddox.


So yeah, was that the sickest most insane best episode ending in the history of Scream so far OR WHAT?

Still, the unveiling of Jake's cadaver wasn't the evening's only moment that made our spine tingle -- or cause our eyebrow to raise in suspicion (looking at you, Stavo). Here are the top seven:

  1. Audrey should really start locking her windows.

    Ms. Jensen buried that bloody corkscrew -- aka the weapon that turned Eddie into Swiss cheese -- but when she woke up the next morning, the killer had thoughtfully tucked it in bed beside her. Somehow, we think a mint on her pillow would have been more appreciated.

  2. Kieran hints that Eli has secrets (and vice-versa).

    When the new-in-town cousin got home after being MIA all night, his older relative questioned his whereabouts with grave suspicion. 'I don't know what you were doing, but I know you,' Kieran said ominously. Replied Eli even more ominously: 'And I know you.' But does Eli really have dirt on his cuz that could affect the high school hottie's rep? Consider what Kieran said next: 'This town has been good to me. I like it here -- don't ruin that for me.' Ruh-roh.

  3. Jake sends a bottle of tequila to Kieran's party (not).

    Hint #1 that the booze wasn't really from The Jake: Jake's dead. Hint #2: It caused everyone to hallucinate, collapse or, in the case of Noah, Audrey and Zoe, do things that define the word 'awkward.'

  4. Stavo had the 411 all along.

    Everyone at Emma's party seemed shocked that the tequila made them sick -- except for Stavo, who likened it to a Peruvian brew he'd once tripped on for kicks. Called ayahuasca, he said it could cause 'puking' and 'hallucinations' -- and noted that it smelled just like that damn tequila. But hey, wait -- if that was the case, why did Stavo pass around shots of it? And, better yet, did anyone else notice he was the ONLY person who somehow didn't get sick from it?

  5. Eli isn't a pet lover.

    Amid Kieran's tequila episode, he revealed one of his cousin's possible secrets. 'When were kids, Eli 'borrowed' a neighbor's dog,' he told Emma. Um, okay. So what happened to the pooch? Said Kieran: 'It ended up dead.' #SomeoneCallTheASPCA

  6. Emma meets the killer (well, maybe).

    During her own hallucination, Em ventured into the woods and was promptly attacked by the slasher. Or was she? As of now, no one believes her tale of terror. Was she really chased by the knife-wielding psycho? And who could have been the man behind the mask? Well, here's one theory...

  7. Stavo possesses the most incriminating piece of evidence possible.

    When Sheriff Acosta did a random search of his son's bedroom, he found that Stavo has a bona fide Brandon James mask. Explain THAT one, bro.

So tell us: Do you think Emma was really attacked? And if so, was the man in the mask Stavo? Meanwhile, what do Kieran and Eli have to hide? And did Jake's 'return' shock you too? Start chatting about Scream now, and be sure to watch the next episode Monday at 11/10c!