One Direction’s New Album Has Got Larry Shippers All Flustered

One Direction S New Album Has Got Larry Shippers All Flustered

It's been a full five years of One Direction 'shipping.

rico mano quan jovem bandido

Since 2010, fans have arranged every conceivable combination of the five past and present members -- Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis and Zayn -- into potential romances. They range from the utterly silly ( Narry = Niall and Harry) to the slightly more plausible ( LiLo = Liam and Louis, Niam = Niall and Liam) to the mack daddy of all 1D 'ships, Larry Stylinson (Louis and Harry).

Larry 'shippers are the most visible 1D 'shippers on the web, making Tumblr and Twitter (as well as a unique social networking site ) their dominions. This is my favorite Larry tweet of all time:

And an appropriate GIF of Larry hugging at the last 1D show of their On The Road Again Tour , for posterity:

I'm crying #onedirection #oned #larry #hug #larrystylinson #larry #larryhugging #imdead #concert #otp

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The pair's tattoos (and maybe old tour riders ) are said to hold the keys to unlocking all the Larry secrets. While that may be true, it might be more expedient to look elsewhere -- like at the band's new album, Made In The A.M. , which drops this Friday.

For now, it's all up in the air. We've still got the rest of Made In The A.M. to listen to.