'Orange Is The New Black': Here's How They Make The Sex Scenes Feel Just Right

Orange Is New Black

' Orange Is the New Black ,' Netflix's runaway hit show now heading into its third season, has been groundbreaking in many ways. It took us behind the bars of a women's prison and features mostly strong female characters, is run by a female showrunner and -- perhaps most subversive of all -- shows realistic depictions of many, many kinds of sex.

That's something that the writers on the show are very conscious of, as they say in this clip from the DVD collection of Season 2, which hits shelves May 19.

Writer Lauren Morelli said that showrunner Jenji Kohan stresses the importance of sex in the storyline.

'I think she's instilled in all of us that the sex should feel authentic and that the sex should look like at the very least everyone is really enjoying themselves and that we are seeing healthy depictions of sex, no matter who's having it,' Morelli said.

That doesn't necessarily mean that writing these scenes and seeing them play out on camera is totally comfortable though. Morelli admitted that she feels 'like a little bit of a pimp when I'm on set, just watching two girls take off their tops because I wrote it. I'm like ugh, I'm sorry. Really sorry.'

Another writer, Sian Heder, sympathized.

'It's a completely different thing when you're sitting alone in your house and you're like, hahaha, this is so funny, she shoves her face into her crotch,' she said. 'And then you're on set watching human beings have to actually do it.'

Find out more about how the show makes their sex scenes feel authentic in the clip below.

'Orange is the New Black' Season Two hits DVD May 19.