'Orange Is The New Black' Cast Tell Us What They Want For Season 3

Orange Is New Blackcast Tell Us What They Want

So much happened to the ladies of Litchfield during season two of 'Orange is the New Black.' [Season two spoilers ahead.]

Taystee (Danielle Brooks) and Poussey (Samira Wiley) were torn apart by Vee (Lorraine Toussaint). Larry (Jason Biggs) cheated on Piper (Taylor Schilling) with Polly (Maria Dizzia). Morello (Yael Stone) ended up being a crazy person, Pornstache (Pablo Schreiber) ended up in jail, and poor Red (Kate Mulgrew) got hit in the face. More than once.

With all of this unfortunate crap bringing them down, MTV News decided to ask the cast if there were any good things that they wanted to happen to their characters next season, which is already in early production in New York. Of course they couldn't offer up specific details on the goods to come, but Brooks, Wiley, Stone, Biggs, and Mulgrew (along with Selenis Leyva [Gloria], Nastasha Lyonne [Nicols], Uzo Abuda [Crazy Eyes], Laverne Cox [Sophia], and Laura Prepon [Alex]) gave some answers that just might surprise you:

Taystee and Pouseey want to reunite...

'It was rough to be torn apart. Any time you go through something like that, it's not an overnight thing where you say, 'okay we're cool, we can put on our Amanda and McKenzie voices and be alright.' There's still healing that needs to take place between the two girls.' -- Danielle Brooks

... And so do Nichols and Morello.

'I felt jealous [of Nicky's conquests], and I definitely missed the [sex] scenes. It was nice to get to come together at the end of the season and connect in a real way instead of, [makes sex sounds].' -- Yael Stone

'I don't know that I'm personally mature enough for an open relationship, but it's interesting that it does seem like [spending time apart] brought them a lot closer. Their separate antics made them hunker down and tell each other the truth about how they feel and what their fears are, and made them available for a truer intimacy.' -- Natasha Lyonne

But Crazy Eyes wants to love herself.

'I just want her to be able to find her happiness and her place without having to look for it from some outside source. I want her to find her own voice and her own love, and really stand in that.' -- Uzo Abuda

Gloria wants a Pennsatucky sing-along...

'Wouldn't it be great to see Pennsatucky lead a sing-along? I would pay money for that. No one would [follow her], but I think it would be funny to see her try to start one. It would have to be something so left field… something not biblical, but she thinks it is.' -- Selenis Leyva

...But it might clash with Taystee and Poussey's.

'We sing all of the time, I don't know why we haven't written it in yet. We sing, and in harmony.' -- Danielle Brooks

Red wants to get hit again.

'I love physical acting, and I knew that I was doing [the attack scene] with an actress I could trust. But I did almost all of my own stunts, and I found that powerful.' -- Kate Mulgrew

While Sophia wants to get hit ON.

'I would love to be Bennett's pet. But Sophia isn't going for it. Sophia, no, I don't think she's into men at all. But Laverne... I ran into Pablo in LA last week, and he's just a fine man. He's like 6 toot 6, i was in my five inch heels, and I was still looking up to him. He's yucky and gross and awful [on the show]. -- Laverne Cox

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Alex and Larry, meanwhile, just want someone to like Larry.

'Is there a Team Larry? You're like, 'there's so much Team Alex and Team Larry...' it's more like, there's so much Team Alex, and is there Team Larry? There's a Club Larry. He plays Club Level. There's like Intramural Larry, and there's professional level Alex... even I'm Team Alex.' -- Jason Biggs

'Larry deserves some love. He's a great character.' -- Laura Prepon