'The Originals' Star Phoebe Tonkin Tells Us Why Hayley Is Pumping The Breaks On Elijah

Originalsstar Phoebe Tonkin Tells Us Why Hayley Is Pumping Breaks Elijah

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Last week on the season two premiere of 'The Originals,' Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and co. murdered the vicious Guerrera Werewolf family, quickly and effectively wiping out a threat that dominated the last few weeks of season one. However, when MTV News caught up with Tonkin last week, she made it clear that the werewolf arc on the show has only just begun. In fact, tonight's episode, 'Alive and Kicking,' will find Hayley trying to reconnect with her bayou-dwelling clan, who will play a much larger role in season two.

'We start to look at exactly where all of these werewolves started, all of the packs, how they all came to be close,' Tonkin said in a phone conversation. 'We start to learn about the arranged marriage between Jackson and Hayley that was talked about very briefly in the first season. We definitely get to see a bit more of the werewolf side in season two, it's not just the vampires and the witches.'

Of course, this union might now be in jeopardy -- and not only because Hayley's heart seems to lie with a certain brown-haired Original vampire. According to Tonkin, her new-found vampirism won't go over too well with her former wolf pack.

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'Technically now she's an enemy [to the werewolves],' Tonkin continued. 'She tries to remain as close to the werewolf in her [as she can] because she wants them on her side, she wants them to stay loyal to her. That's the side that she wants to embrace more, and she’s trying to prove to them that she is still one of them. That's the side she’s leaning to more.'

Unsurprisingly, Tonkin said that Hayley -- who has been pretty firmly planted in 'Team Werewolf' in the past -- is going to have a very difficult time embracing her new fangs in the coming weeks. What is surprising, however, is that it won't be Elijah who helps her get through the pain of accepting immortality.

'She's a little bit, not disgusted with herself, but she felt like who she is at heart is a werewolf, and now that she's got all of these vampire traits as well, she's kind of reversed [that feeling],' Tonkin said. 'It takes a while for Klaus to really teach her that she has these new powers, and to embrace those powers, and not turn back on that aspect of becoming a hybrid. There's a really lovely scene where Klaus explains to Hayley that she now has super-hearing and super-smell. It definitely takes a while to embrace those.'

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However, it's taking her less time to embrace the prickly Klaus. According to Tonkin, that relationship has already reached a pleasant stasis due to the lingering non-presence of baby Hope.

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'They're kind of like an old married couple without any romantic involvement,' she said. 'Hayley calls Klaus out on his stuff, and Klaus on her stuff. They're protective of each other, because eventually they both want Hope to come back to New Orleans. They want mom and dad to be able to be in the same room together. It's been nice to watch that relationship grow; to see how they trust each other. It's not volatile anymore, they're not angry with each other.

However, getting in bed (metaphorically, of course) with Klaus will soon lead to two very old, very heavy pieces of baggage invading Hayley's life -- Mikael and Esther Mikaelson.

'Hayley comes into the negotiations that both Mikael and Esther are trying to make,' Tonkin explained. 'Their intention definitely does involve Hayley, and she does get caught up in the whole thing. Klaus is trying his best with Elijah to keep Hayley out of it, but Hayley definitely wants to be involved in protecting her family and protecting her home. It’s not really going as well as they would hope, keeping Hayley out of it.'

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Well, that settles it -- between bitter werewolves and evil ancient vampires (and vampire/witch hybrids), Hayley is going to have a lot of crap on her plate in the coming weeks. And from the sounds of things, so will Haylijah fans.

'Now that she's gone through these changes and she’s not the same person that Elijah first fell in love with, she's afraid that he's not going to still have those feelings, those strong feelings, for her,' Tonkin said, when asked about one of the show's most popular ships. '[She thinks] that he only fell in love with her when she was Hayley the pregnant werewolf girl, and now she’s this revenge-seeking hybrid. She doesn't think that he's going to love her as much anymore.'