'The Originals' Star Teases 'Fractured' Future For Rebekah And Marcel

Originalsstar Teasesfracturedfuture


The cry still resonates since last week's 'The Originals,' when Klaus declared vengeance against his little sister and former protégé.

The episode turned the series upside down, pitting the Mikaelson brothers against each other in a never-ending family war and Elijah finally deciding that someone in the world matters more than Klaus.

In Tuesday night's (March 3) episode, gruesomely titled 'Le Grand Guignol,' Rebekah and Marcel will join the throngs of people on the run from Niklaus. But leaving New Orleans won't be easy. As Claire Holt revealed to MTV News, the duo have a lot of history to overcome.

'Their relationship is certainly fractured right now, so I don't think it's any Romeo and Juliet run-off-into-the-distance type of love story,' Holt said. 'It's going to be a bonding experience for them, what they go through. They're going to have to choose each other and team together if they want to survive what they're faced with.'

And what about Marcel's livelihood? The French Quarter is the only home he's ever known. He built himself an empire that he must abandon into the hands of the very man who wants him dead. Love can only carry a man so far.

'[Rebekah] wants to do it with Marcel. She wants to escape, and I think he is tied to his home. It's a very difficult choice for him to make, and we're going to see the repercussions of that,' Holt revealed.

Marcel will also have to surrender his plans to resurrect Devina. That certainly cannot not bode well.

If we dig into the episode title, Le Grand Guignol was a horror theater in Paris during the early 1900s. Could the couple find themselves recreating history and establishing a new life overseas? Or does it foretell the gore and bloodshed that will trail behind them?