The Oscars Version Of 'Everything Is Awesome' Will Blow Your Mind Into A Million Lego Pieces

Oscars Version Ofeverything Is Awesomewill Blow Your Mind Into Million Lego Pieces

If you blinked, you might've missed the hectic 2015 Academy Awards performance of 'The Lego Movie' theme song. Well, if you need to know, everything about it was awesome. But you could probably guess that.

The Lonely Island and Tegan & Sara took the Oscars stage to rock out to 'Everything Is Awesome,' jamming alongside child-like sketches of the golden awards. Soon, their minions stormed the stage and infiltrated the audience, handing out Lego versions of Oscars to unsuspecting famous people. Hey, Oprah seemed to love it.

So did Chrissy Teigen:

The number, written by Shawn Patterson, is up for Best Original Song at Sunday night's (Feb. 22) ceremony, against songs from films 'Selma,' 'Begin Again,' 'Glenn Campbell: I'll Be Me' and 'Beyond the Lights.'

If you didn't catch the gospel choir of Lego people soul-ing out, then maybe you enjoyed the cameos by Will Arnett (as Batman) and Questlove? Or maybe you saw that weird fake dog onstage? Or was that a real dog? I don't even know what was going on. But it was awesome.