Our Gif To You: Channing Tatum Is People's Sexiest Man Alive

Our Gif You Channing Tatum Is Peoples Sexiest Man Alive

The news that Channing Tatum has been named People 's Sexiest Man Alive hit the web this morning, which was a big surprise to absolutely no one who has ever, y'know, seen Channing Tatum. Rarely has a Sexiest Man Alive win been so well deserved—or so well-earned, considering that this was not only a big, busy year for the actor, but also the year that brought us 'Magic Mike,' in which audiences were treated to a particularly awe-inspiring view of all the things about Channing that make him worthy of the title. But for that one guy out there who's all, 'Channing Tatum? Sexy? Are you sure?' (seriously, One Guy, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM), we've put together a nice little gif-box for your viewing pleasure. What makes Channing Tatum the sexiest of the sexy men?

playaz club rappin 4 tay

For starters, there's nothing sexier than a man who's not afraid to do what he loves...

...particularly when what he loves is this.

And this.

Oh, and this.

But Channing is more than just a pretty face and a butt you could bounce quarters off. He's a friend to the animals!

And he's smart, too.

Palhaço insano sem pintura facial

Plus, he always takes our calls.

And best of all? He just wants us to be happy.

Also, this.

Do you think Channing deserves the Sexiest Man Alive title?