Paige Isn't Coming Back To 'Pretty Little Liars' This Season And Our Paily Hearts Are Breaking

Paige Isnt Coming Back Topretty Little Liarsthis Season

Paily fans are still reeling from their OTP's sad goodbye during the ' Pretty Little Liars ' season five winter premiere. At the end of the episode, Paige hopped on a plane to Atlantic City, en route to San Francisco, to escape the proverbial hellmouth that is Rosewood. Unfortunately, their long-distance situation appears to be permanent -- at least until next season.

'Pretty Little Liars' executive producer -- and fellow Paily stan -- Joseph Doughtery recently told People that the writers haven't really figured out if Paige is gone for good. 'That is something that's going be talked about when we all come back for work on season six,' he said.

Okay, so that doesn't sound like the most reassuring news, but we have hope that Paily will survive the distance, especially with Doughtery at the helm of their epic love story. But until then, we are really effing upset.

In honor of Paige and Emily's bittersweet goodbye -- or rather, their 'goodbye for now' -- we're taking a look back at some of their sweeter moments.

  1. Paily karaoke was the best karaoke. ABC Family

    For many Paily stans, this was the moment that turned them into believers. Up until this point, Paige was still that creepy girl who tried to drown Emily, but after seeing the chemistry they had in this karaoke scene, a relationship actually seemed plausible. And this was a great example of Paige helping Emily come out of her shell. We've never been able to listen to Pink's 'So What' without thinking of Paily.

  2. That time they almost kissed and we wanted to scream. ABC Family

    Paige and Emily made each other brave. When Paige was struggling with coming out in season one, she eventually found her way to Emily’s house. If I say it, out loud — if I say ‘I’m gay’ — everything is going to change, Paige said. Yeah. It will,' Emily replied.

  3. Every time they actually kissed and we did scream. ABC Family

    Paige and Emily's first kiss was one out of desperation. Paige was afraid of her feelings and acted out by surprising Emily in her car and kissing her. It was anything but romantic. However, once their relationship started to develop and turn into something real, beautiful things happened. When these two are on screen together, there are major fireworks.

  4. The moment Paige said kissing Emily was like a dream. ABC Family

    Okay, so maybe Em was drugged at the time and didn't remember the kiss, but their talk in the woods in season three is still one of our favorite Paily moments. After so much time apart, this is the moment Emily finally couldn't deny her feelings for Paige.

  5. They were stronger together. ABC Family

    When you're a Liar in Rosewood, you need a source of strength, and for Emily, that was Paige. She wasn't going to let anything happen to Emily, even if it meant putting her relationship on the line like she did in season four.

  6. They were also pretty cute together. ABC Family

    Emily and Paige are a real couple going through very real issues. When Emily injured her shoulder after narrowly escaping an attack from A, her hopes of swimming competitively for Stanford were dashed, along with her plan to live with Paige on campus. But they did what any normal, healthy couple would do and worked things out.

  7. Paige didn't back down from a challenge. ABC Family

    One of our favorite Paige moments occurred during the season three Halloween special when Paige saved Spencer from the Queen of Hearts, a move that eventually won Spencer’s trust. Later, Paige teamed up with Caleb to find 'A.' Unlike some people (read: Ezra), Paige wanted to make sure all of the Liars were safe from 'A,' and that meant a lot to Emily.

  8. Until 'A' nearly broke her. ABC Family

    We can't blame Paige for leaving Rosewood to start anew in California. After everything 'A' has put her through, leaving a few months shy of graduation sounded like the perfect escape plan. And as much as we wished Emily would have gone with her, she's far too loyal to her friends to leave them at 'A's' mercy.

  9. Goodbye for now, Paige. ABC Family

    We'll see you in season six.