'Paper Towns': 8 Big Changes Between The Book And The Movie

Paper Towns 8 Big Changes Between Book

Warning: spoilers for 'Paper Towns' ahead!

Now that the long-awaited film adaptation of the beloved John Green novel ' Paper Towns ' is finally in theaters, the comparisons are inevitable. How does it compare to the movie? There are some major changes, to be sure. Here are eight that caught our eye.

  1. Angela coming on the roadtrip. https://instagram.com/p/2XK9LYLNxx/?taken-by=jaz_sinclair

    Angela has way more to do than just be a doting, suspicious girlfriend like she was in the novel. In the movie adaptation, however, Angela comes on the big roadtrip that comprises the story's third act, a change that author John Green said he wishes he'd thought of .

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  2. Angela and Radar get it on. https://instagram.com/p/u8tbBjrNzA/?taken-by=jaz_sinclair

    Like we said: Angela has a lot more to do in the movie version than the book. Angela and Radar take things to the next level in a cornfield, oooohhhhh .

  3. Quentin only goes to one paper town.

    And thank god for that. In the book, there's a whole diversion with Quentin googling and subsequently visiting all the paper towns he can find on the East Coast. You know how when your parents took you on trips, and it was always, 'are we there yet? Are we there yet?' Yeah, you'll know the feeling when you read that part in the book.

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  4. Bye, bye, Omnipedia

    Another blessing: Radar's not quite so occupied with editing the Omnipedia (fake Wikipedia) in the film version of the story. The intricacies of peer editing are best saved for the page.

  5. Margo is definitely not dead.

    In the book, there's a big, big scary thought: is Margo actually...dead? In the movie, that's never really a possibility, and thankfully so: we don't want to live in a world without Cara D.

  6. Bye, bye, graduation, hello prom.

    In the book, Quentin and the gang begin their epic road trip just before graduation begins, resulting in a mostly-naked adventure. (True.) While there are several shout-outs to the original timeline (peep those naked ankles under their gowns in the graduation scene), the big event they're tied to is prom, where Nat Wolff adorably finger-dances his way to forgiveness.

  7. Q's pals straight up leave him behind.

    Speaking of swapped endings, in the movie, Ben and Radar just straight up abandon Q when he can't find Margo in the paper town. See you guys later?

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  8. Margo is cool with being found.

    Contrary to the book's ending, when Margo is finally found in Roscoe, NY in the movie, she's surprised but not pissed. In the original story, Margo didn't want anyone to come after her and made that very clear when they did.

Book fans, what do you think? Are you cool with the changes? Let us know in the comments.

'Paper Towns' is in theaters now.