Paramore's Hayley Williams On Baby Rumors: 'Just Call Me Octomom'

Paramores Hayley Williams Baby Rumors

It's basically become an annual tradition at this point: Some blog publishes a rumor that [artist id='1968732']Paramore[/artist] frontwoman Hayley Williams is pregnant and that said pregnancy will somehow lead to the implosion of her band.

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Last year, there were the whispers that Williams was having a baby and, as a result, Paramore were calling it quits. Things got so out-of-hand that Williams was forced to deny the rumors on Paramore's official site, writing a lengthy post that included the sentence 'For the record, my Eggo is not preggo.'

Now, with a new record and a headlining tour on the horizon, those rumors are back again.

On Wednesday, a blog called

MTV News attempted to contact the site through its parent company, GoTV, but at press time, those attempts had proved unsuccessful.

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