Patti Smith's Loving Memorial To Fred 'Sonic' Smith

Patti Smiths Loving Memorial Fredsonicsmith

Patti Smith has been performing at a series of shows this past year to

both benefit, Jewel Heart, a Buddhist organization located in Ann

Arbor, Michigan and to create a memorial for her late husband Fred

'Sonic' Smith, famed guitarist from the MC5, who died last November 4

of heart failure. Fred will be immortalized by three crosses, which

have been installed in a Detroit church (where the couple were

married in 1980), on All Saints Day. Invitations recently went out to

those near and dear to Smith's heart, to join with her in remembering

her husband. The text of the invitation reads as follows: 'The three

crosses of Good Friday have been affixed to the bell tower. The

dedication service in the memory of Frederick D. Smith will be held

All Souls Day, November 2, 1995 at 7:30 PM.' Inside the invitation is

a photo of Smith on-stage, with 'FRED 'SONIC' SMITH, musician-20th

century' written on the adjacent page, accompanied by a quote from

Dante Alighieri:

'I came back from the most holy waves, born again, even as new trees

renewed with new foliage, pure and ready to mount the stars.'