Perrie Edwards Reveals Her Baby Plans With Zayn Malik

Perrie Edwards Reveals Her Baby Plans With Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards have been engaged for almost two years and, even though they haven’t tied the knot yet (despite what some sketchy Instagram videos might have you believe), they’re apparently already thinking about babies.

But let’s pump the brakes on the pregnancy rumors and not get too far ahead of ourselves. Perrie simply revealed in a recent interview with Fabulous magazine what age she’d like to start having kids — and it’s a lot sooner than you might’ve been expecting.

Well, I would say 24 and that’s in three years’ time for me. It’s still quite a while away, the Little Mix songstress said, before explaining further, My mam was 24, though, so that’s always been my ideal age.

When asked if she and Zayn have been making strides in their wedding planning, the bride-to-be was pretty laissez faire about it.

Not yet, but me mam can’t wait and it’s getting on me nerves, she admitted. She’s like, ‘What about the flowers? What about this dress?’ And I’m like, ‘Mam, stop!’ We’ve been so busy, but I literally cannot wait to start planning my wedding.

The 21-year-old also took the time to clear the air about her alleged involvement in Zayn’s break-up with One Direction. As you might remember, she was compared to Yoko Ono by some blood-thirsty haters who insisted she was the one who drove Zayn apart from his bandmates. And it didn’t really help when Liam Payne insisted Zayn left because he wanted to spend more time with his missus .

People have said, did I do this, did I do that? No matter what decision he made, I was always going to support him, Perrie clarified. If he’d wanted to stay, I would have supported him just the same as I have done since he’s left.

I don’t think anyone other than him really knows what he was feeling in his head and heart, but he made that decision and was 100 percent on it, she continued. He’s really good. Hopefully everyone understands that it was one of the hardest decisions he’s ever made in his life.

At the end of the day, Perrie says, the most important thing that she and Zayn are together and happy — which she insists is totally the case.

The fans have been great and his family have been great… I love them all, they’re lush. And obviously I’ve been there for him, she said. As long as he’s happy, that’s all that matters. If he’s happy then I’m happy.