Phantogram’s Hard-Hitting New Song Is For Anyone Who’s Fallen Out Of Love

Phantogram S Hard Hitting New Song Is

Whether you’re talking above love or addiction or life in general, the comedown from the high is always the worst . On their new song You Don’t Get Me High Anymore, Phantogram perfectly capture those feelings of desperation, hunger, and boredom, wrapping it all into a track that packs an unexpected punch.

The electropop duo combine dark, hard-edged verses with a soft, poppy bridge that finds Sarah Barthel mourning a stale relationship: Nothing is fun, not like before. It’s a jarring and slightly chaotic juxtaposition, but one that keeps you on your toes and ultimately makes you happy to have Phantogram back.

You Don’t Get Me High Anymore is the first single from Phantogram’s upcoming album, Three , their first in over two years. Speaking to Pitchfork , Barthel and Josh Carter said the song’s sinister tone sets the mood for the rest of the album, which is largely inspired by Barthel’s sister’s suicide.

It’s a lot more fucking bombastic and heavy, Barthel said. I think the record, to us, is about heartbreak. We’ve kind of had a tough year, so a lot of inspiration and drive came from our own experiences.