'Phil Of The Future' Has A Surprising 'American Horror Story' Connection

Phil Futurehas Surprisingamerican Horror Storyconnection

Long before he was impregnating Connie Britton on American Horror Story and speeding to the rescue in X-Men: Days of Future Past , Evan Peters was just a wee lad starring in the likes of ABC's 'Invasion' and indie drama 'Clipping Adam.'

His best old school role, though, was as Phil’s nerdy friend Seth Wosmer on Disney Channel’s Phil of the Future. Seth had it all: flippy hair, killer style and a total lack of murderous tendencies (always a plus). Here are all the reasons why we loved Evan as this Disney goofball.

  1. He was very nerdy. Disney Channel
  2. And a little bit awkward. Disney Channel
  3. But also very adorable. Disney Channel

    One might even say adorkable.

  4. He liked wearing lab coats. Disney Channel

    With Aly Michalka , of course.

  5. And bow ties. Disney Channel
  6. And playing pool. Disney Channel

    Plus, according to the announcer, he loved cable television and quiet dinners in his room.

  7. He did the morning announcements. Disney Channel

    Although he wasn’t super good at them.

  8. Sometimes, he flirted with Brenda Song. Disney Channel

    Match made in heaven.

  9. But he probably didn’t tell her about his *naughty* dreams. Disney Channel
  10. He was a good friend. Disney Channel
  11. And even though he only appeared for five episodes, his presence was sorely missed. Disney Channel
  12. Of course, in the end, he went on to become this, so it’s all good.
  13. But we'll always remember him as this. MGM

    Oh, is this actually a gif from 'Sleepover?' I don't care, NEVER LET THIS DIE.