PHOTOS: Nicki Minaj's Funniest Faces!

Photos Nicki Minajs Funniest Faces

Nicki Minaj is famous for a lot of things. There's her talent (duh), her 'Wait, WTF?' clothes, her insane wig collection and the fact that pretty much every famous singer and their mother wants the world to see their rendition of 'Super Bass,' aka one of the greatest songs ever. Another shining star helping make Nicki's name a household one? Her MINAJ-ery of ridiculously hilarious faces. This girl basically started the school of IDGAF, and is living by its teachings every single day.

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For instance, most people might show up to the Grammys in a gown and smize all over the red carpet like their media trainers told them to. Not Nicki Minaj! She showed up to the 2011 Grammys in a leopard print catsuit-dress thing and half leopard print/half Bride of Frankenstein hair. And she isn't exactly exhibiting her most photogenic side to the camera. And to that we say, 'Amen!' Do you, sister.

Check out our favorite photos of Nicki doing Nicki below, and collect them all in BUZZWORTHY'S NICKI MINAJ'S FUNNIEST FACES PHOTO GALLERY ! Lots of new desktop background options here, people.

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Nicki Minaj going completely H.A.M. on a chicken leg!!! I don't think there's anything else that needs to be written about this photo.

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+ See more photos of Nicki Minaj's funniest faces after the jump and peep BUZZWORTHY'S NICKI MINAJ'S FUNNIEST FACES PHOTO GALLERY!

Sorry, Jonah Hill. Even though you were her co-presenter at the 2011 MTV VMAs , it doesn't look like you'll be getting Nicki Minaj's phone number any time soon.

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We're not negating Nicki Minaj's beauty by any stretch of the imagination; we're just pretty sure this is what you call an 'untagger' -- the moment someone tags you in a photo like this on Facebook, you find your nearest internet connection and UNTAG!