Please Drop Everything And Watch This Lego-Animated Rendition Of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' Video

Please Drop Everything

It's Lego Michael Jackson starring in 'Lego Thriller'!

OhMyGod. You know how when you spend all your time on the internet you might start to feel like you've seen every last meme, viral cartoon, and twerking video? (#InternetJaded) Well, today we feel like an internet virgin (TMI?), because here's something we've NEVER seen before: Some crazy talented human has created a stop-motion, Lego-animated video rendition of Michael Jackson 's iconic ' Thriller ' video! And it looks EXACTLY the same! (Er, well, up to a point, that is.)

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Watch a Lego-animated version of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' after the jump.

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Designed by Berlin's Talking Animals studio and Annette Jung, 'Lego Thriller' looks eerily (heh) similar to Michael Jackson's 1983 original. Everything looks normal at first: Lego Michael admits 'I'm not like other guys,' and his girlfriend replies, 'But that's what I love about you'! Then -- AHHHHH!! -- Michael shape-shifts into a LEGO WEREWOLF!

But instead of, say, breaking out into an irresistibly catchy song and dance number with a bunch of other ghoulish (but actually friendly!) creatures, Lego Michael-Werewolf, um, gobbles his girlfriend up. Lego blood and all. *End Scene.* Hey, whatever gets you out of doing seven more minutes of Lego-animated choreography! #TimeSuck

+ Watch a Lego-animated version of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' video .

Photo credit: Berlin Talking Animals Studio

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