Pottermore Fans! Here Are 15 Magical Differences On The New Site

Pottermore Fans Here Are 15 Magical Differences New Site

In 2011, the illustrious J.K. Rowling changed all our Potterhead lives when she announced and then revealed (in 2012) the Pottermore website . Finally, we knew for sure that with the end of the film series on the horizon, our fandom hearts could live on in this magical world.

It's been three years since the site was first launched, and in that time, we have gotten sorted, casted spells and found out innumerable facts about the Harry Potter Universe, but now the Pottermore site has undergone a major change that has some worried. But never fear, Potter lovers, after taking an extensive tour of the website we found a couple of things that any Pottermore member new or old should know about the site.

  1. First off their logo is different. https://instagram.com/p/77ZAdRB9p_/?taken-by=pottermore

    So you know there's change-a-brewin'...

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  2. No more accounts! Warner Brothers Pictures

    The new Pottermore site has done away with the account system, so if you were collecting chocolate cards or were a skilled potion maker, alas, that is no more.

  3. As a matter of fact, it's no longer interactive! Warner Brothers

    There's no longer a book-by-book format on the revamped site. Instead, the site has a more personal feel between you and the administrators, making it feel as though you are getting the HP facts straight up from Rowling herself... you know, because that's exactly what's happening.

  4. No more spell casting. Warner Brothers Pictures

    Sorry folks...

  5. Or potion brewing for that matter. Warner Brothers Pictures
  6. Facts and backstory are now way easier to find. Warner Brothers Pictures

    If you were the type of Pottermore user who only logged on to get the skinny on what's up in the Potter Universe, then this is perfect for you. All the new backstories are laid out in an easy-to-find format, so no more hunting around for gillyweed to find out about Dumbledore's past life -- you feel me.

  7. In fact, there are way more character profiles now. Warner Brothers Pictures

    A ton of characters have profiles laying out their birthdates, special skills, parentage bloodline, patronus, etc. It's pretty sweet.

  8. More expansions on the Potter-verse. Warner Brother's Pictures

    According to the ~official~ Pottermore correspondent, the reason why the new site was built was to give fans more in-depth explorations of the universe. They state that: 'The hand-on-my-heart, honest-to-Dumbledore reason we made this new site is because we have so much more to give you than we could in the 'old' Pottermore. J.K. Rowling is expanding the wizarding world and we want to keep up with that. We've got new stories, movies, plays, characters, and creatures to show you.'

  9. You can read up on all the up-and-coming Harry Potter Projects. Warner Brother's Pictures

    Like 'Harry Potter And The Cursed Child' or 'Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.'

  10. They still won't tell us who the cursed child is! JK Rowling via Pottermore.com


  11. There's a new features section... Warner Brothers Pictures

    ...which answers all your personal woes like 'why you should fall in love with a Hufflepuff' or the romances taking place in the Hogwarts classrooms.

  12. New creature profile sections. Warner Brothers Pictures

    So basically your own personal bestiary.

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  13. And they still have those awesome illustrations! https://instagram.com/p/8BDmDrh9uP/?taken-by=pottermore

    Including new concept art from the films.

  14. Best of all, Patronuses are gonna be a thing! Warner Brothers Pictures

    You'll soon be able to find out your Patronus ~and~ they're most definitely bringing back the house sorting and wand selection to the site!

  15. But most importantly...Patronuses! Warner Brothers Pictures