Pound Town Confessions: Brittany Equates Sex With Adam To That Of Adult Film Greatness

Pound Town Confessions


Jay e Silencioso Bob do Degrassi

Brittany 's relentless pursuit of Adam on ' Are You the One? ' -- and the blowup that followed -- ensured that the two singles will probably not soon share a Honeymoon Suite, but hey, at least they had some fun before going up in flames. In this particularly steamy Pound Town Confessions , they both look back on what Adam describes as an 'animalistic' roll in the hay, and as far as Brittany's concerned, their hookup was worthy of a contract with Vivid Entertainment.

'We literally f***ed like porn stars, no lie,' Brittany says in the video below, but strips Adam of a couple points for not kissing enough. 'Walking into the room, him throwing me on the bed, ripping my pants off like a wild animal.' And though Adam's recently been hard-pressed to give Brittany the time of day, he praises her for being 'determined' and appreciates that she 'likes to please more than receive.' 'I've gotta give Brittany credit where credit's due,' he admits. 'She definitely surprised me.'

For more on the affair that Brittany deemed 'Christian-grade futuristic' (your guess is as good as ours...), watch the clip!

Photo: Mario Perez

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