Prepare For The Invasion: Here's Your First Look At Challenge Season 29

Prepare Invasion

'To be a champion, you have to beat the champions.' Underdogs, prepare for the ultimate invasion .

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In the first look at the upcoming Challenge season -- which will premiere on February 7 -- we get our first look at the winless guys and girls facing off against a group of legends who know what it takes to wear the ultimate crown. And according to host TJ Lavin, this is 'the hardest one we've had.' Better buckle up, or as Bananas says, 'Welcome to the Challenge ' (he knows a thing or two about this experience).

From Battle of the Bloodlines runner-up Cory declaring 'we got this' to Battle of the Exes gold medalist Camila toasting that she is coming to 'kick some asses,' the ultimate clash is about to go down. And yes, there's plenty of physical missions, PDA and what can only be characterized as drama. Lots of drama.

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Catch the heart-stopping trailer above, share your thoughts in the comments and do not miss the two-hour premiere of The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions on Tuesday, February 7 at 9/8c.