Pretty On Fleek: The Hottest Moments From Nicki Minaj and Beyonce’s ‘Feeling Myself’ Video

Pretty Fleek Hottest Moments From Nicki Minaj

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How hot is the video for Nicki Minaj and Beyonce's 'Feeling Myself?' Let us count the ways.

The dynamic duo dropped the exclusive clip via Tidal on Monday (May 18), further proving their dominance as reigning queens of the summer rap anthem. 'Feeling Myself' finds the ladies traveling to Coachella, soaking up the sunshine, hosting a pool party, and overall, inspiring envy that we aren't the ones living this seriously glamorous lifestyle.

Then again, we can't all be Beyonce and Nicki Minaj (*tear*). Here are some of the hottest moments (and there are many) from 'Feeling Myself.'

  • Nicki and Beyonce Eating Cheeseburgers Tidal

    I mean, can we get a bite?

  • Nicki and Beyonce In The Bathroom

    During their morning routine, Beyonce reclines in the tub while Nicki busts a move. Casual.

  • Nicki and Beyonce At Coachella

    Backstage in a daisy crown and a wig.

  • Nicki and Beyonce In a Kiddie Pool Tidal

    Furs are for special occasions only, and that includes inflatable pools.

  • Nicki and Beyonce On A Car

    So. Much. BOOTY.

Beyonce posted a 30-second clip of the video to her Facebook page, but you can watch the whole thing on Tidal . Brace yourself... for hotness.