Pretty Little Liars Just Dropped A Major Twin Theory Bomb

Pretty Little Liars Just Dropped Major Twin Theory Bomb

With only one episode left until the season finale, tonight's episode of Pretty Little Liars , titled 'Did You Miss Me?,' had to be big . After all, the show has a history of unpacking major reveals in penultimate episodes. However, this episode was different. Sure, PLL operated at its usual breakneck pace, dishing out more plot twists in 42 minutes than the entire season managed to unload in eight episodes, but the emotional magnitude of what's at stake has never seemed, well, more unflinchingly real .

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It's safe to say that this season of Pretty Little Liars has underwhelmed fans, and I get it. It's not operating at the same speed as previous seasons, and frankly, it's not as thrilling as it once was. But where the show has lacked in twists and turns, it's made up for in emotional resonance. I care about these characters and where they're going in life. I never thought I'd care about Spencer and Caleb as much as I do, but guess what? Troian Bellisario and Tyler Blackburn's chemistry has made me a believer. I want to know what Hanna's going to decide: life with Jordan or life in sleepy little Rosewood? These characters have never been stronger, even when they're making ill-advised decisions.

In 'Did You Miss Me?' the Liars make a game-changing decision. As the girls begin to feel the heat of their stalker’s deadline -- Aria, quite literally, felt the heat last week -- one Liar decides to take matters into her own hands. Hanna confesses to killing Charlotte in the hopes of luring A out of his hiding spot. But Hanna's ruse might have messy repercussions, not just for herself but her friends. Here's the biggest revelations from Season 6, Episode 19:

  • Mona did call Charlotte. ABC Family

    At the end of last week's episode, Emily made Mona come clean about what she was doing the night Charlotte was murdered -- or, you know, as clean as Mona can be. Mona did Charlotte the night she was killed. In fact, she asked Charlotte to meet her at the Two Crows, but she never showed up. (Probably because she was preoccupied being murdered.)

    We find out that Mona did want Charlotte to be released from the psychiatric hospital. She wanted to talk to her. Why? Because Charlotte knew every little detail about Mona and the Liars -- and Mona wanted to know what she was going to do with it. To be fair, she does make a good point. What happened to all of the hours of footage Charlotte logged? All of the data and personal information she collected? And upon her release was she planning to use it against the Liars? Or perhaps, was that why she was killed? Did she refuse to play along?

  • Sara Harvey is back at the Radley -- and she's still digging for answers.

    Emily calls Spencer with some game-changing intel: she caught Mona fraternizing with Sara Harvey's helping hands a.k.a the hot guy who accompanied her to Charlotte's funeral. Emily calls it a 'meeting of minions,' which I thought was pretty clever of Detective Fields. [Plus five points for Emily.]

    But this doesn't look good for Mona. Why was she talking to Sara's lackey? More importantly, what were they talking about? By the time Spencer meets up with Emily, they spy Sara's handsome driver walking out carrying a tube. Emily and Spencer (#TeamSpemily) follow him around, looking for any suspicious activity, but what they really want to know is, what's in the damn tube?

    Enter Spencer's genius plan: they stage Emily's car to look like it hit rear of the handsome minion's luxury vehicle. When he comes out of the store, Spencer and Emily play dumb -- however, I do believe that Spencer pretending to be a ditz should be a criminal act -- and coerce him into handing over the tube for a few brief seconds so Spencer can take a peak inside. Surprise! Once again, all roads lead back to Radley.

    Sara Harvey is back at the Radley, and Spencer has the city permits to prove it. The suspicious tube contained the blueprints of Rosewood's trendiest hotel, and he delivered them right into Sara's lap. So, did Mona get the plans from City Hall for Sara? It definitely looks that way.

    Later in the episode, Mona and Sara have a heated conversation in a dark alleyway -- a.k.a. my favorite place to have said conversations -- and it's revealed that Mona and Sara are playing on the same side. They both wanted information from Charlotte, but while Mona went with the direct approach and called her, Sara decided to dig around for clues. Mona thinks Sara is going too far with the girls, and she asks her to back off. Sara, however, DGAF about the Liars. Watch out, Sara. Rule #1 on Pretty Little Liars is don't make Mona angry .

  • Ali gets a strange visitor. ABC Family

    Meanwhile, Ali and Elliot spent the entirety of last week's episode bathing in the glow of wedded bliss at a sweet little inn. The happy newlyweds share a sweet kiss at the top of the stairs, before Ali seemingly trips and rolls down the stairs, giving a whole new meaning to falling head over heels for someone. But did Elliot push Ali down the stairs? Or did Uber A sabotage her honeymoon? (Obviously, it's the latter.)

    The reformed mean girl winds up in the hospital with a concussion and a bruised ankle. Elliot calls it a stupid accident, but Ali sees a deeper meaning in her misfortune. Maybe this is just how things are now; every blissful moment has to be followed by devastation. Dr. Rollins doesn't see things that way, and he proceeds to walk Ali away from the chasm of her own self-pity like the Good Doctor we've known him to be. There's something unsettling about a guy so charming and so perfect. Maybe we've been conditioned to think every guy in Rosewood is guilty until proven innocent -- or maybe there's something to be said for someone who's too good to be true.

    At some point during Ali's overnight care, the ~ ghost ~ of Mrs. DiLaurentis visits Ali in the hospital. Now, Pretty Little Liars is trying to make us believe that this scene was nothing more than an odd dream sequence, but I'm not convinced. After all, the last time someone received an unannounced visit in the hospital, Ali happened to be alive and not some figment of Hanna's imagination. I have learned my lesson. I think the show is hinting at something important: Mrs. DiLaurentis is alive -- and she's the one with the twin, not Ali.

    It's possible Mrs. DiLaurentis had to get the hell out of dodge when Uber A threatened the life of her children. Maybe she thought her girls were safer without her. (So, yeah, about that 'Mr. DiLaurentis is A' theory... it's starting to look pretty good right about now.) There was just something about the way Mrs. DiLaurentis's slowly sauntered out of Ali's hospital room that was incredibly disconcerting.

  • Hanna makes a shocking confession. Freeform

    Hanna comes up with her craziest plan yet. No. Scratch that. This is the craziest plan the show has ever crafted in the name of originality. She wants to give A exactly what 'he' wants: a confession. And Hanna plans to give him one. After watching one too many of her friends get hurt in A's cat and mouse game, Hanna decides to be proactive. She goes to Caleb for help executing her risky plan, and he's surprisingly down for it, especially after Hanna basically tricks Spencer into thinking she killed Charlotte by stabbing her in the back of the neck with a candlestick.

    But first, Haleb needs everyone in the loop. Needless to say, Emily is super against Hanna's plan. Not only is it risky, but it's extremely dangerous. What happens after they lure A out of hiding? Meanwhile, Spencer hides her true feelings about Hanna's plan -- and her and Caleb's closeness -- in a bottle of wine. She says she's OK with the plan, but something tells me she's the one who wants to stab Hanna in the back of the head with a candlestick.

    I'm worried for Hanna. It's only a matter of time before a Liar gets whacked on this show. I honestly have no idea how we've made it six seasons without a major death among the Liars. (TBH, the show could easily pull what they did in the books and have one of the Liars fake her own death and go off the grid to track down A on the DL.) That being said, it would be horrible timing for Hanna.

    Out of all the Liars's personal journeys, I think I can relate to Hanna the most. It's not because I wanted to be a fashion designer or that I was engaged to a handsome Australian at the age of 23. It's because Hanna's lost. She doesn't know who she wants to be: Mrs. Jordan Hobart, New York City socialite, or Hanna Marin, local fashion designer?

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    This was the first time we've heard Hanna express her desire to return to Rosewood, where things aren't as hectic. Lucas, being the incredible friend no one truly deserves, offers Hanna a way out in the form of a new business venture. The tech mogul offers Hanna a million line of credit to open her own business in a factory he’s renovating in Rosewood. That's a HUGE opportunity for Hanna, and I'd hate to see her throw it away for a chance to catch A -- because we all know how poorly that's going to turn out.