'Pretty Little Liars' Helped Lucy Hale Nab A Role In 'Scream 4'

Pretty Little Liarshelped Lucy Hale Nab Role Inscream 4

All week we've been chatting with the hot young stars of Wes Craven's upcoming chillfest ' Scream 4 ' (make sure to check out our previous installments with Aimee Teegarden and Hump Day Hottie Nico Tortorella ), and today is no exception as we catch up with ' Pretty Little Liars ' leading lady Lucy Hale .

Fans of Lucy's equally mysterious ABC Family series will be happy to learn it was her stint in Rosewood that helped the 21-year-old actress land a new home in Woodsboro. Keep reading to see what Lucy had to say about her love for scary movies and the 'Scream 4' role she was originally supposed to play.

Hollywood Crush: Okay, everyone's been pretty mum about this movie. But you're going to spill a bunch of details, right?

Lucy Hale : I can tell you almost nothing. I was originally supposed to play a different character in the movie, but it didn't work with the 'Pretty Little Liars' schedule, so they were kind enough to let me be a part of the movie still and gave me this role. I did all of my scenes with Shenae Grimes. I can't wait until it comes out and I can actually talk about it. It was really fun.

HC: Can you at least tell us your character's name?

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Lucy : I don't know if her name is ever established. What is her name? I don't even know. [Long pause] I think her name is Patti. [It's actually Sherrie.] That's really kind of sad that I don't know my character's name!

HC: What role were you originally supposed to play?

Lucy : It was the role Brittany Robertson got in the film. And she sort of has a bigger role throughout the movie. I'm glad that I still got to be a part of it.

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HC: So did you audition for both Brittany's role and the role you have now?

Lucy : It's funny—one of the producers, his wife was a huge fan of 'Pretty Little Liars.' She was like, 'You should watch this show and see if you like any of these young actresses.' And they called up my representation and were like, 'We think she's great. We'd like to meet with her and maybe make her part of the movie.' So I read for the role Brittany got. It was all going to work out. And then my schedule conflicted, and they still wanted me to be a part of the movie, so they gave me this other role.

HC: Are you a fan of scary movies?

Lucy : I loooove scary movies. Ever since I was a kid, I've loved them. It takes a lot to really scare me. I don't know why. I love movies that have paranormal activity, like 'The Exorcist,' because I don't really get scared by movies, like 'Scream,' or murder-type movies.

HC: What's your all-time fave horror flick?

Lucy : I'd pick 'The Exorcist.' I also like 'The Shining' a lot. It's a classic.

HC: I've never seen it.

Lucy : Jack Nicholson is insane in it. You have to see it. It's worth it.

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Are you excited to see Lucy in 'Scream 4' this weekend?