'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Episode 2, 'The Jenna Thing'

Pretty Little Liarsrecap

It’s only the second episode of Pretty Little Liars and already mysteries are being solved (Efficient! I like it). They dove right into The Jenna thing, although, I have to be honest — I broke under the first eight mentions of 'the thing,' and had to immediately Google it last week. Then I was even more intrigued by how ABC Family could possibly handle a storyline that involved a girl having a firecracker blow up in her face — a firecracker so specifically tailored that it could render one blind without leaving a mark, scar or any kind of disfigurement. (Does the government know about this?) Because if there is one thing Jenna has, its flawless skin ... and nice shades. You just have to admit it. I mean, where did she get those? I want them.

Sunglass porn aside, holy creepness, this show is getting scary! Has there ever been a more ominous sound in teen TV than the tap, tap, tap of Jenna’s walking stick? Nanny Carrie wouldn’t last a second in Rosewood (though the actress who played her would, get it?). But through the doomsday tapping, we did learn more about the girls — and the creepy men and boys that want to kiss them.

Emily’s mother didn’t realize what kind of temptation she put right in Emily’s bed when she invited Maya to spend a few days with them (to get out of her horror house that is still filled with boxes of Alison’s stuff — um, who was the moving company that left behind all of the belongings of a missing-now-dead girl? Seriously.) Maya and Emily go so far as to spoon in their sleep while Emily’s d-bag boyfriend acted like a d-bag.

Aria struggled to control her feelings for Mr. Fitz (who, by the way, was our Hump Day Hottie last week !) and tried to transfer out of his class, but Fitzy seemed confused as to why a 17-year-old that he keeps making out with would have trouble focusing in class. He reluctantly approves her transfer only to have the action inexplicably declined. The upside to Aria’s forbidden love is the understanding it brings to her relationship with her cheating father, Chad Lowe, who is back to teaching after a brief stint on location for his cameo in The Ghost Whisperer. Aria’s mother, however, isn’t as hip to secret, inappropriate sexual relations, commenting on how young and cute the new teacher is, inviting him to sit with them in the dark at the movies and essentially throwing her daughter into Fitz’s waiting, open arms (or car). She is a 'witch' though, maybe she knows what she’s doing.

Spencer made out with her sister’s fiancé, ruining that relationship and her access to free chiropractic care. Hanna tried to seduce her son-of-a-preacher boyfriend (to no avail) and Hanna’s mom still seems to be re-paying Detective Wilden for not pressing charges when H shoplifted. I thought sex for stolen sunnies was a lot, but this guy is demanding dinner dates, sleepovers and eggs over easy? That’s just taking advantage.

zack da suíte vida de zack e cody

And those freaky texts keep on coming. They’re setting Jenna up to look like A, but that’s too easy right?As well as too hard . Do I have to say it — how would she see what’s happening?

But I think the best part about the show was a commercial I caught. I’m usually fast forwarding, but there was definitely a promo in which you could sign up to get texts from A. Creepy, scary, voyeuristic texts from A! Who would do that?! Why would you want them?

I just might have to do it …

What did you think of the second episode of 'Pretty Little Liars'? If you've read the series, did you like the ABC Family portrayed how Jenna lost her site? Do you think this is the last we've seen of Spencer's sister's fiance?