'Pretty Little Liars' Season 3 Finale Recap: 'A dAngerous gAme'

Pretty Little Liarsseason 3 Finale Recap

It was a true first for a ' Pretty Little Liars ' finale: instead of a death, we witnessed not one but two resurrections...of sorts. Now, we had a hunch Red Coat might be a long-lost Rosewood resident, but the reveal was shocking, nonetheless.

The episode began with Spencer returning home from Radley, complete with tea party welcome from her family and the little liars. And it was all so educational: We learned the difference between English muffins and crumpets and that the Hastings were planning to throw Spencer a bona fide welcome back party after her stay at the institution for exhaustion . (How very Hollywood!)

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Cut to the A Team mobile where a black-hoodied figure was hacking some sort of phone number as Mona walked in and made herself comfy. Surprise!—it was Toby's number. He's alive! Apparently Mona had told Spencer during her time at Radley that her BF was still alive and that he would be her reward if she handed over the girls. But Spencer outsmarted her and lured Toby to a restaurant for an early meeting.

'Everything I've done is so I can protect you,' he told her. 'Let me take you somewhere safe.'

So Spencer followed Toby to a motel where they rekindled their romance (if you get my drift).

Meanwhile, Toby's step-sister Jenna returned to town too and with a surprise ally: swimmer Shana. The two, along with Spencer's sister Melissa (what!?!) were hatching a plan of attack for when the girls were all together at Spencer's welcome home party. Emily, out for a late-night run, stumbled upon the meeting and gathered all the pertinent intel.

But she wasn't the only one with important information for the group: Thanks to her new babysitting gig with Malcolm, Hanna uncovered the identity of his kidnapper. (Spencer, obviously.) Em was sure Spence couldn't be part of the A Team, but the girls had to find out for sure, and without tipping off Mona.

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The next day at the swim meet, Hanna dressed up as Red Coat, luring Spencer to the ladies' room. You see, if she followed, that meant she was in the dark as to the real identity of Red Coat (i.e. not a real member of the A Team). So there, in the bathroom, Spencer revealed everything: That Toby was alive, that she had been recruited by Mona while at Radley, that she had been the one to text the photo of her and Ali to Hanna (the one that Malcolm IDed), and that they were now one step ahead of the A Team.

Before the liars could put Project Red Coat into effect, Aria had to break up with Ezra. I mean, the plan wasn't contingent upon it, but it had become clear to Aria that it just wasn't going to work with Fitz—especially if he was going to be subbing in the district again. So they ended things. And it was sad. And Ezra gave her one final, grand goodbye smooch. Which made him returning as her fill-in English teacher all the more awkward.

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But back to the task at hand: Instead of showing up at the party in their fancy frocks, Hannah, Aria and Em snuck into the lodge while Spencer and Toby distracted Mona. And then all hell broke loose. While the lovebirds went to meet Red Coat's plane (what is she, a Bond villain now?), the girls and Mona ended up trapped inside the burning lodge, where Mona bemoaned that she would never learn the identity of Red Coat. Yep, she didn't know who she was either. Toby was knocked out in the woods, and the girls came to outside after having been pulled out by Red Coat. Or should we say, Ali. Mona saw her. And so did Hanna and Spencer. So, I guess, Ali's officially not dead?

As the liars plus Mona pulled back into Rosewood, they spotted the formerly submerged police cruise belonging to Officer Wilden. On the car monitor played not only the footage of Ashley running him over, but Jenna and Shana helping him up. What does this mean? As the girls looked at each other in confusion, their cell phones chirped simultaneously with a message: 'You're mine now. Kisses. -A' It was then that Spencer noticed something funny about the trunk. She popped it open and, well, we don't know. We're left with the girls' shocked expressions and three months to wait until we find out what's inside.

What did you think of last night's season finale? Is Ali really not dead? How did Shana end up in an alliance with Jenna and Melissa? Will Ezra and Aria get back together? What shocked you most? Tell us everything in the comments and on Twitter !